Board of Directors
Regular Meeting
OCTOBER 5, 2009

President Gary Svider called the regular meeting of the Lake Moovalya Keys Board of Directors to order at 6:07pm.

President:  Gary Svider
Vice President:  Jack Sweeney
Secretary/Treasurer:  Chuck Baker
Board Members:  William (Squeak) Kossnar, Brandon Johnson, Joe Price, Blane Coon, Rob Troxler, Laura Lancaster and Chris Chambers
Board Members: None

Guests:  Carla Faulkner (RGR) and  Gary & Becky Anslyn Lot 113
General Manager:  Cheryl Shockley
Legal Counsel:  John C. Churchill

Joe Price moved to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of September 14, 2009. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

Jack Sweeney moved to approve the September 2009 Balance Sheet.  The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

Laura Lancaster moved to approve the September 2009 Profit and Loss Statement.  The motion was seconded and carried unanimously. 

Jack Sweeney made a motion to approve the Bookkeeper’s Report, September Prepaid Bills and Bills for Approval. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

Submitted by Sue Thompson
There as been no activity in the Security Deposit bank account since last month’s report, nor have I heard from any of the folks who are on our need-to-submit-rental-deposits list.  On 9/8 I provided John Churchill’s office with information on the two rental owners who need a demand letter.

I have been in contact with all owners/agents/brokers of the bank-owned properties that need to remit dues, and we should be getting payments on those delinquencies soon.

Late fees for delinquent dues were assessed to 14 lots, and two lot owners received late fees for delinquent, unpaid fines.

White line citations (2) were issued to Lot 142.

Ms. Shockley reported that she had received the new black mailbox and it would be installed as soon as possible.

Ms. Shockley reported that she had contacted the Arizona Game and Fish about the raccoon problem and they advised her that they could trap the raccoons themselves and relocate them to another location.  She also stated that Havasu Pest Control would trap the raccoons for a fee of $250 for the first raccoon and $75 for each additional raccoon that was trapped and relocated.

Mr. Sweeney said he would acquire the traps from the county and he would personally maintain them and take any trapped raccoons to the Bill Williams area.  He would place traps at the lot across from his house on Lot 198 and at the trash enclosure area.

Ms. Anslyn asked if some type of fence could be place over the trash area so animals would not be able to get into the bins.  The Board said this could not be done, because some people do not open the trash doors they just throw their trash over the walls and it would create a greater mess.

Mr. Sweeney made a motion to acquire the traps and maintain them for 30 days.  Discussion:  Mr. Price said he did not want this to become a situation where the Board was taking care of every homeowner’s problem.  Mr. Kossnar stated that this was an Association problem and if individual homeowners were having trouble on their property than they needed to handle the problem themselves.  The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

Ms. Shockley said that she had spoken to CecliaTweedy about their boat being stored in front of their house and she said her husband was having some health problems and as soon as he was feeling better they would come and move the boat.  Ms. Shockley also stated she had spoken to Ms. Phillips at Yaqui Loop about their pontoon boat trailer that was parked part way on the Association’s property and Ms. Phillips was adamant that the trailer was on their property and they would sue the Association if the trailer was removed.

Mr. Sweeney stated that he could not determine if the Phillips trailer was on the Association property when he accompanied Ms. Shockley to look at it.  Mr. Baker asked if this was the old Gory house and if it was the trailer was indeed on the Association property.   He said that house was probably built 2 to 3 feet off the property line.  Mr. Baker said that a good indicator for the Association property was the APS lights, which are clearly located on Association property not on the homeowners.

Ms. Shockley asked the Board how to proceed on this matter.  Mr. Price suggested that the Association use the remaining Kenko funds to have a survey done at the middle of the street and permanent pins be placed.  Mr. Baker said this problem keeps coming up and asked Mr. Churchill to give an interputation on the CC&R’s concerning this matter.  Mr. Sweeney asked Mr. Churchill for the time frame a vehicle can be left; for example partially on the Association property.  Mr. Churchill replied 72 hours.  Mr. Price and Ms. Shockley stated that they did not think there was a time period indicated in the CC&R’s.  Mr. Churchill stated that nothing could be stored on Association property period.  Mr. Baker said the next thing to be done was to determine the property line for these properties and the vehicles in question.

Mr. Svider stated that there was only $1000 left in the Kenko account.  Mr. Sweeney said there was less.  Mr. Price said that not all streets need to be surveyed just the areas in question.  Mr. Kossnar asked if we had plans for some of these properties in question.  Ms. Shockley said that she had some plans that Sue had given her and that there were other plans in storage. 

Mr. Coon said that there were boats being stored on a lot on Papago.

Mr. Baker suggested that the Association get an estimate on permanent pins for surveying purposes.  The Board asked that Ms. Shockley try to locate the plans for the houses in question.

Mr. Price made a motion to get estimates on surveying the streets.  The motion was seconded and carried unanimously. 

Mr. Baker made a motion to have Ms. Shockley send out letters to property owners who have vehicles stored on Association property, the letter is to include a copy of the CC&R’s with a time line of 30-days to move vehicle.  The motion was seconded and carried with a vote of 8 in favor and 2 opposed.  

Jack Sweeney moved to approve the General Manager’s Report.  The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.


Ms. Shockley stated that Ms. Thomson might have misunderstood when asked to return Mr. Arnolds refund amount from the check he submitted in the amount of $630.  She said that the amount returned to Mr. Arnold should have been $480.  The original motion made was for Mr. Arnold to pay $150, which included the $80 cleanup fee.  The Board advised Ms. Shockley to have Ms. Thomson make the correction and include a letter indicating the reason for the amount returned.
Mr. Svider advised the Board that the County had adopted the International Property Maintenance Code 2009-11.  He said this might be of assistance with Lot 10.  Mr. Svider explained that for properties like Lot 10 that are below standard, appearance wise or falling down the County now has the authority to make those people bring their property up to standard.  Mr. Kossnar reported that the code goes into effect January 1, 2010.

The Board advised Ms. Shockley to post a message on the website that there is a vacancy on the Board.

Mr. Price suggested that the Board come up with a budget for a new 10-year plan, which includes more than just the streets.  Mr. Sweeney stated that he had a guideline for working up such a budget and he would present it to the Board.  Mr. Baker suggest that the Board look into the amount of dues being paid and make sure that besides just covering expenses, the reserve account is being built up again for any future expenses, such as the guard shack, maintenance shack, re-staining the bridges and trash area enclosure, he also suggested meeting with the T&C to come up with another 10 year plan for the streets.  Mr. Baker said this should not take more than an hour or one work session to come up with a budget.  

Regular meeting adjourned to executive session at 7:05pm.

Meeting reconvened to regular session at 7:27pm

The meeting adjourned at 7:28pm
Submitted by Recording Secretary, Cheryl Shockley