Board of Directors
Regular Meeting
JUNE 1, 2009

President Gary Svider called the regular meeting of the Lake Moovalya Keys Board of Directors to order at 6:05  p.m.

President:  Gary Svider
Vice President:  Jack Sweeney
Secretary/Treasurer:  Chuck Baker
Board Members:  William (Squeak) Kossnar, Laura Lancaster, Brandon Johnson, Joe Maxwell, Chris Chambers Blane Coon and Joe Price

Guests:  Carla Faulkner (RGR) & Rob Troxler Lot 160
General Manager:  Cheryl Shockley
Legal Counsel:  John C. Churchill

Joe Maxwell moved to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of May 4, 2009. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.


Introduction of Candidates for the Board of Directors vacancy
Mr. Svider asked if anyone attending the meeting would like to be nominated or if any one had submitted any nominations.  Mr. Maxwell nominated Robert Troxler Lot 160.  The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.
Jack Sweeney moved to approve the May 2009 Balance Sheet.  The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

Laura Lancaster moved to approve the May 2009 Profit and Loss Statement.  The motion was seconded and carried unanimously. 

Submitted by Sue Thompson

I received rental security deposits from Anslyn, Hutchins and Guenther.  Pollett is sending in hers, subsequent to answering her questions about how security deposit interest is handled.   I am still awaiting security deposits from Lots 44, 50, 64, 75, 89, 112, 133, 160, 171 & 214.   Corinne Northrup (163/164) told me she is going to rent out her place, and she said a security deposit is forthcoming.

Joe Arnold (lot 209) sent a certified letter of protest with a check for $630 for the lot clean up fine, cost and late fee.  The letter states that if the check is cashed he “intends to precede with the Arizona Department of homeowners Association and the Parker Justice Court”.  I will deliver his letter and check to John Churchill tomorrow.

Delinquent accounts and status are listed on the enclosed spreadsheet.

White line citations were issued to Lots 108 & 208.  A citation was issued to Lot 89 for failure to submit a Tenant Information Sheet.

Jack Sweeney made a motion to approve the April Bookkeeper’s Report, Prepaid Bills and Bills for Approval. Ms. Shockley presented an invoice for payment from Mike’s Contracting for fixing a sinkhole on Navajo at the exit gate in the amount of $650. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously. 

Ms. Shockley reported that the Memorial Day weekend was without any major incidents.  She reported that the sheriff’s department was called by homeowners reporting some one on Apache Loop was playing loud music and breaking bottles.  The LPCSO were not able to locate anyone but did find an individual on Papago driving a golf cart with no lights, they arrested the individual for drunk driving.  There was also a call for indecent exposure from an individual showering naked outside a home.  There was an apparent overdose on Hopi Lane and the LPCSO arrested an individual for breaking into the Challoner house on Papago.  The individual thought the house was the one she was staying at and she could not get in so she broke a front window and proceeded to get in house and wake homeowners, she also trashed an intercom and tore screens off the outside window.

Ms. Shockley reported that Lot 63, 8840 Apache Loop (Pilato) worked on a boat and spilled some kind of oil and gasoline on the street over the holiday weekend.  She also said that she observed an individual using kitty liter to clean up mess.  The Board asked Ms. Shockley to talk pictures and advise Mr. Pilato that if there were damage to the new seal-coat, he would be responsible.

Ms. Shockley reported that the entrance gate needed to be repaired because it was not shutting completing, due to the concrete pad coming loose from the ground and making the gate operator was not working properly.  She presented a proposal from Eric at Advanced Gate Systems in the amount of $695.  The work proposed to remove the concrete pad and replace it with a new concrete pad 24X28X18 and reinstall the gate operator and rework the arm.  Mr. Sweeney made a motion to accept the proposal.  Mr. Price asked that the pad be at least 24” deep.  Mr. Sweeney revised his motion to accept Advanced Gate Systems proposal, with the provision of making the pad at least 24” deep and not to exceed $750.00.  The motion was seconded and carried unanimously. 

Ms. Shockley reported that she would be out of town Thursday, June 18 through Monday, June 22.

Mr. Svider asked the Board if any one was interested in forming a Beautification committee to take a look at the entry way and the common lot and to investigate water drainage issues.  Mr. Baker suggested that the Board hold off on this subject for a while, due to the economic situation.  Mr. Johnson stated that until we get another big storm we would not know what the effect of removing the debris from the wash would be. Mr. Sweeney agreed with Mr. Baker that nothing should be done at this time especially since there has been no resolve with the property next to the Keys.

Mr. Svider asked the Board to form a committee to explore the issue of speeding and reckless driving by golf carts, mini bikes and Rhinos.  Mr. Svider said the problem is getting worse, especially with the underage drivers.  Parents seem to use golf carts and Rhinos as babysitters for their children and they have no idea how they are operating them on our streets.  Mr. Kossnar said that in the CC&R’s it states that no unlicensed drivers and no unlicensed vehicles are permitted on our property.  It also states that such vehicles are for ingress and egress to a lot, not continuous cruising as these minors are seeming to do, all day and all night.  The Board asked Ms. Shockley to put together a newsletter to be included with the quarterly statements, to let the Homeowners know that this is a serious problem and if the Homeowners do not start policing their children, guests and themselves, that the Board will have no choice except to start enforcing the CC&Rs.  Ms. Shockley stated that the problem is not just limited to minors, she has repeat offenders that are grown ups, such as the owners on Hopi, they continuously speed on the property and use the Brooke water hill as their private playground, Mr. Sweeney stated that he had observed these individuals and they are out of control and it was time to do some thing about it. Mr. Chambers said that the Sheriff’s Department can issue tickets to vehicles on our streets that are not licensed and they can ticket those who do not have a driver’s license, they can also arrest and cite individuals for reckless driving.  Ms. Lancaster told Ms. Shockley that she would help her draft the notice.
Willoughby code enforcement hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, June 24 at 9am.  Mr. Kossnar reported that Hal Collett was the new code enforcement judge.  Ms. Shockley reported that when she called La Paz Co. Community Development concerning the Willoughby hearing all she got was the run around and no return calls.  Mr. Sweeney stated that Mr. Willoughby had 180 days from the last hearing, which was held in December, to comply with the county and have his permits in place.  Ms. Shockley said she had asked the county to fax her what Mr. Willoughby had to comply with and so far no response.  Mr. Kossnar said last time he checked Mr. Willoughby had not done anything about returning the plan check.

Mr. Svider asked Mr. Churchill to go over the lien process once again concerning the Vega/Pratt property, lot 120, since it is now bank owned.  Mr. Churchill stated that there were certain things that could wipe out our lien and that is foreclosure, but we can have a lien superior to any other claims.  As far as he knows the Association is still junior to the Mortgagee.  Mr. Churchill stated that he did not know if our lien could survive a full trustee sale or not, the Association’s lien may be wiped out.  He will check how the statute has been interputed in that regard.  Mr. Sweeney and Mr. Price asked if the Bank is now responsible for dues and such, from this point on and Mr. Churchill replied that was correct.  Mr. Kossnar said that maybe we could send a letter to the Bank to clean up the lot.  Mr. Churchill said that the Bank is subject to the same CC&R’s as everyone.

Ms. Shockley asked the Board how they would like Security scheduled for the 4th of July weekend.  It was determined by the Board that Security would be needed from Friday July 3rd through Sunday July 5th.  It was also determined that no dumpster was needed for the 4th of July holiday since it was not going to be a (3) day holiday.  The Board asked Ms. Shockley to open the dumpster area doors so people would have easy access to the dumpsters.  The Board also ok’d Security for Labor Day weekend from Friday September 4th through Monday September 7th.  The Board requested that a 40 yard roll-off dumpster be ordered for the Labor Day holiday.

It was determined by the Board to keep July’s meeting as is for July 6th.

It was determined by the Board to not have a monthly meeting in August.  Mr. Svider scheduled the next monthly meeting after August for Monday, September 14, 2009.

Mr. Price asked why the Association was buying the groundskeeper’s equipment; he was under the understanding that they supplied their own equipment.  Mr. Baker commented that in the past we had our own equipment that groundskeeper used. Mr. Kossnar and Mr. Sweeney both commented that the new groundskeeper was doing a good.  Mr. Svider asked Ms. Shockley why the new grounds keeper had not cut down the weeds in the common lot.  Ms. Shockley said that Mr. Dickinson had received his new weed trimmer and that she would make sure that he cleaned the lot as soon as possible.

Adjourn regular meeting to executive session at 7:30pm.  No actions needed from the Executive Session.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30pm
Submitted by Recording Secretary, Cheryl Shockley
Approved by Board of Directors July 6, 2009