Board of Directors
Regular Meeting
NOVEMBER 6, 2006

President Bill Risen called the regular meeting of the Lake Moovalya Keys Board of Directors to order at 6:00 p.m.

President: Bill Risen
Vice President: Chuck Baker
Secretary/Treasurer: Chris Chambers
Board Members: Bob Stroud, Jack Sweeney, Gary Svider, William (Squeak) Kossnar, Richard Jaschke and Larry St. George

Board Members: Joe Price and Joe Maxwell

Guests: Les Challoner (lot 94), Ken Ferguson (lot 172), Sheryle Jaschke (lot 171) and Barbara Risen (lot 184)
General Manager: Cheryl Shockley
Bookkeeper/Recording Secretary: Sue Thomson
Legal Counsel: John C. Churchill (6:10 p.m.)

Mr. Sweeney moved to approve the October Balance Sheet. The motion was seconded, and the motion carried.

Mr. Sweeney moved to approve the October Profit & Loss Statement. The motion was seconded, and the motion carried.

Mr. Baker moved to approve the prepaid bills and Bills for Approval, including an additional $45 to be paid to R & B Lawn Maintenance for grass seed. Ms. Thomson was asked to become a Notary Public. The motion was seconded, and the motion carried.

Mr. Baker moved to approve the Minutes of the regular meeting of October 2, 2006. The motion was seconded, and the motion carried.

Mr. Sweeney moved to approve the Minutes of the executive session of October 2, 2006. The motion was seconded, and the motion carried.

Mr. Challoner (lot 94) was present to answer any questions regarding the construction plans he has submitted. Mr. Ferguson stated he was here to observe. Plan review was deferred until Mr. Churchill arrives.

Ms. Shockley reported that NPG Cable ran their line underground to lot 245 from their utility box. They are also looking for black mix to repair the bridge. Russ at Verizon will be making the temporary patch on Yaqui permanent next week, with hot mix. Their policy is to use the same materials that existed before the repair work.

Mike’s Contracting gave a written proposal of not to exceed $4,000 to dig down 3’ where the vault is located at the end of Apache. Once he gets down underneath the manhole, he can assess the problem and fix it if it does not exceed the proposal amount. He won’t know what the problem is under he gets in and digs up the street. He will try to determine who’s problem it is. The Association can reassess the situation if he needs to go deeper.

Ms. Shockley reported that someone hit one of the block columns at the trash enclosure. Also noted is missing grout on some of the other columns. Michael T. can replace the needed block and grout on all the columns for $225. Mr. Sweeney stated that the damage is probably just due from swinging the gate.

Mr. Sweeney made a motion to fix the four block columns at the trash enclosure area for $225 as proposed by Michael T. (Eddie Tribbey). The motion was seconded, and the motion carried.

Mr. Baker made a motion to accept Mike’s Contracting’s bid for not to exceed $4,000 on the sinkhole repair at the end of Apache Loop. The motion was seconded. Mr. Svider asked how the 10’ x 12’ repair compares to Stanton’s 2005 bids on the 13 sink holes. Mr. Sweeney stated that 14’ is where the sewer is and that dirt settled into rock; the problem goes deep to where it hits solid ground. Ms. Shockley reported that golf carts are hitting the Apache sinkhole hard. Mr. Sweeney stated that the bid is a not-to-exceed bid, and Mike Dyer is basically charging by the hour to assess the problem. There being no further discussion, the motion carried.

Mr. Baker reported some thefts on Saturday the 14th. This comes on the heels of the liquor thefts at Squeaks’ house and at the Warmoth residence, as well as the boat stolen from a dock on Papago Loop. It was found down river the next day and was severely vandalized. Mr. Chambers reported a break-and-enter at the end of Yaqui Loop while the occupants were sleeping. Some wood framing was snapped off, and the door lock was found on the floor. The owners’ barking dog scared the trespasser away. Ms. Shockley reported that in Keys II recently, two waverunners and a boat anchored near the shore were all taken for a joy ride. They were discovered down river the next day, with cash missing from one of the vessels. Mr. Risen asked that these incidents be posted on the website.

Mr. Svider asked if the Apache sinkhole will be brought up to Buckskin Sanitary District, and Mr. Risen stated that we need to get into it first to see what’s going on.

Mr. Challoner’s plans were reviewed by the Board and legal counsel. Mr. Sweeney made a motion to approve the remodel plans for lot 94 with a notation on the plans regarding the 10’ setback from the street and the 5’ setbacks on the sides. The motion was seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Sweeney reported that he received a bid from Malcolm Miller for $11,716 to rebuild the backside of the trash enclosure with corrugated, and painted, metal. Mr. Sweeney could not get Outwest Fabrication to make a bid. The matter was tabled for New Business.

Ms. Thomson reported that the Association received a claims’ check from our insurance company for $3,579 for the damage claim to the mailbox area that occurred in March. The insurance company will seek subrogation from the individual who caused the damage, and that homeowner will be assessed the $250 deductible incurred on the claim.

Ms. Thomson advised that Tammy of Beaver Insurance recommended the Board re-evaluate damage coverage on the four bridges. Each bridge is currently covered for only $5,000, and she recommends either deleting that coverage or making it substantially higher, since $5,000 is inadequate. Ms. Thomson was asked to get Tammy’s advice on an adequate bridge coverage recommendation.

New Park At Your Own Risk signs have been made and posted on the poles at the parking lot.

A follow-up letter to the new owners of lot 112 regarding the proposed Easement Agreement has been sent, with photos this time, of past street flooding on Papago.

Lots 225 and 226 have been weeded, and Mike Roberts is going to work on some of the other lots that he has been asked to weed next week.

One citation was issued to lot 183, a first white-line offense. One letter was sent to lot 70 for delinquent dues.

Work on the block wall will start this month.

Mr. Baker, being absent from last month’s meeting, asked about the Lemme survey done recently, and the details of the extra feet given to the Association in the process. Mr. Sweeney stated that the new owners of the adjacent property directed Lemme to do so, per the metes and bounds. This was in addition to what we were already given. They already presented it in their subdivision tract map. Lemme wasn’t aware we had already received the previously granted couple of feet. Mr. Sweeney and Squeak went to the Assessor’s Office and were told that we received the additional land, and it shows on a tract map that we do in fact own it.

Mr. Risen reported that he has received complaints about speeding in the Keys. He suggested that we put new reflective speed limit signs on each street pole, one facing in each direction, with a total of four on Moovalya Drive. He obtained a proposal for the signs for about $500 for twelve 24”x30” signs. Ms. Shockley reported that a Vista del Monumento owner was speeding, and he complained about her stopping him and calling him out on it. Mr. Sweeney stated that we already have 15 MPH signs at the gate and the trash bins. No action was taken. The radar unit that was previously posted in the Keys was mentioned as another possible deterrent. No action was taken.

Mr. Risen reported complaints about people pushing the time limit on parking in the common lot. He also reported some houses putting up banner-type signs on their properties, and Ms. Shockley should be aware of anyone violating the CC&R’s in this regard.

Concerning the Malcolm Miller bid to replace the rear of the trash enclosure area, the matter was tabled until Mr. Chambers can try to get Nelson to bid on the job.


The meeting adjourned to Executive Session at 6:47 p.m.

Submitted by Recording Secretary, Sue Thomson