Board of Directors
Regular Meeting
DECEMBER 5, 2005

President Bill Risen called the regular meeting of the Lake Moovalya Keys Board of Directors to order at 6:00 p.m.

President: Bill Risen
Secretary/Treasurer: Chris Chambers
Board Members: Jack Sweeney, Gary Svider, Squeak, Larry St. George, Bob Stroud, Joe Maxwell, Richard Jaschke (6:37 p.m.)

Vice President: Chuck Baker
Board Members: Joe Price

Guests: Ed Ruhman (lot 64); Sheryle Jaschke (lot 171)
Bookkeeper/Recording Secretary: Sue Thomson
General Manager: John Currie
Legal Counsel: John C. Churchill (6:05 p.m.)

Mr. Ruhman introduced himself and stated that he was here to observe the meeting.

Mr. Sweeney stated that Stanton Construction started the sinkhole repairs today. Mr. Baker asked if Stanton is going to investigate the cause of the sinkholes. Mr. Sweeney stated that the one on Moovalya Drive needs investigating, and it is getting bigger. Mr. Price reported that the sewer district did not come out after the holes were blue staked. Squeak stated that additional cuts have been made, and no one knows who made them. Mr. Sweeney reported that asphalt is caving in, and Squeak reported that two homeowners have water leaks.

Mr. Baker made a motion that the Association investigate the proposed installation of a drain adjacent to Mr. Stroud's house to remedy the Hopi Drive flooding problems. The motion was seconded. Mr. Price said an easement is needed. Mr. Risen asked if we should hold up on Stanton's work to coordinate with the Stroud drainage project. Mr. Sweeney said he investigated the situation, and the water runs to Mr. Stroud's driveway; even with a drain, water will still pool; Mr. Stroud's driveway is the low spot. He stated a 24" catch basin in the driveway is the only resolution. There being no further discussion, the motion carried by a 3-2 vote. Mr. Stroud and Mr. Currie are to work together on getting a bid for the project. Mr. Baker stated that a 1' x 4' drain by the driveway should help.

Mr. Currie reported that he has tried to reach Darrell Wilson for two weeks, and discovered that he has been out of town for two weeks on two separate hunting trips. Mr. Currie left numerous messages with Mr. Wilson. Mr. Currie also stated that he has seen new security faces lately on patrol, but he has not spoken with them as yet, so he doesn't know if they know what to do. Squeak ran into Darrell recently, and he told Mr. Wilson that the Association is fed up with the situation. Mr. Wilson told him that his daughter was to help. Mr. Risen stated we would look into it. Mr. Currie also stated that R&B Security's owner picked up patrol while Mr. Wilson was away, but only after Mr. Currie inquired about the absence of security. Mr. Chambers stated that he talked to two guards recently, and they told him they're spending an hour every night while Mr. Wilson is away.

Mr. Chambers made a motion to approve the Minutes of the regular meeting held on November 7, 2005. Mr. Sweeney seconded the motion, and the motion carried.

Mr. Sweeney made a motion to approve the November Balance Sheet. The motion was seconded, and the motion carried.

Mr. Risen had a question regarding our policy on replacing broken gate openers at no charge to the homeowner. He suggested that we should replace broken openers with a gate card, as the cost is less than an opener. Mr. Sweeney suggested that we not replace a broken opener after one year of purchase. Ms. Thomson suggested that the Association consider replacing the broken openers at cost. Mr. Chambers made a motion that the Association replace broken gate openers at cost. Mr. Maxwell seconded the motion. The motion failed to carry. Squeak made a motion that the Association replace broken gate openers at no charge if they break within one year of homeowner's purchase. Mr. Sweeney stated that would be too hard to monitor. The motion was not seconded, and no action was taken. Mr. Chambers again made a motion that the Association replace broken gate openers at cost. The motion was not seconded, and no action was taken.

Mr. Sweeney made a motion to approve the November Profit & Loss Statement. The motion was seconded, and the motion carried. Mr. Sweeney requested that Ms. Thomson issue the Stanton Construction check for the bid amount on the sinkhole repair job, and deliver it to him (Mr. Sweeney) this week.

Mr. Sweeney made a motion to approve the accounts payable. The motion was seconded, and the motion carried.

Mr. Currie reported that R&B Security is not doing what they need to be doing. Mr. Risen stated that he would get in touch with Darrell Wilson this week through his work. Mr. Currie reported an ongoing problem with raccoons at the dumpsters. Closing the dumpster lids is not an option, as trash will then end up on the streets. Mr. Stroud and Mr. Sweeney stated that Game & Fish should be contacted to see if they would set traps. Individuals with a raccoon problem should call Game & Fish to inquire. Mr. St. George reported five large raccoons in his neighborhood.

Mr. Currie stated that he issued two tow warnings over Thanksgiving weekend. He wanted confirmation of the Association's policy of "no warnings". Mr. Risen confirmed that this is the Association's policy, as policy needs to be consistent, and it has been in force for some time now. Mr. Sweeney stated that only official lot ID stickers should be used on vehicles and trailers in the common parking lot. Mr. Risen asked that a new supply of stickers be sent out to all homeowners with the next dues' statements. Mr. Currie reported that a Visitor Pass was recently stolen from someone's car.

Mr. Currie reported two complaints from homeowners about a speeding golf cart and a speeding Honda 50. He attempted to locate the perpetrators but was unsuccessful. Ms. Jaschke said that mini-bikes and golf carts are not supposed to be on the road, and Mr. Risen stated that the Sheriff's Office will not issue citations inside the Keys.

Ms. Thomson reported that she has had difficulty with the website's maintenance personnel in getting the Minutes and Special Notices posted in a timely fashion. She stated personnel issues at River Info as the cause for the posting delay. A problem with the Feedback link was also discovered, and that has been fixed.

R&B Security has not been paid for September and October due to unresolved contractual issues. Mr. Currie stated that a man named Julian is Darrell Wilson's right-hand man, and Mr. Currie has left messages to speak with Julian, but so far has not had any conversation with Julian about security issues. Mr. Chambers reported that he talked to another R&B person named Curtis. Mr. Risen stated that Curtis is in training to take over the job for Darrell Wilson. Mr. Chambers questioned whether we need security in the winter months. Mr. Currie stated that the new guys don't know what to do. Mr. Chambers stated that we are wasting our money. Mr. Risen and Mr. Currie will meet separately to discuss the matter.

The cause for the increase in water usage was discussed, with Squeak reporting that underground and irrigation leaks were detected and repaired. It was also noted that watering the winter grass seed contributed to a temporary rise in water usage. The oleanders are going to be on a drip system, and Mr. Chambers said Angel of Big River Landscaping told him that a drip system would use twice as much water.

Overgrown vegetation on lot 25 is still unresolved, with Mr. St. George reporting that the owners have contracted with him to maintain the lot every three months at a cost of $200 for each clean up. Squeak reported that Mike Roberts is willing to weed. He also stated that Mike Roberts is doing a good job on the landscape maintenance, and he continues to clean up missed areas. Mr. St. George asked Squeak to have Mike Roberts quote the lot 25 clean up project for him.

Two accounts are currently delinquent, lot 10 and lot 146

Mr. Sweeney reported nothing new on the proposed camera project at the dumpsters. He said that even if there were power at the shed, it wouldn't do any good, as the power needs to be at the other end or across the street from the dumpsters. There was a reminder about the possibility of tapping into the APS power pole.

Mr. Churchill reported no activity on the delinquent rental security deposits' matter.

Mr. Stroud inquired about the status of the proposed Stanton bid to remedy the flooding situation at his property. Mr. Risen reported that Mr. Currie has not been able to reach Mr. Stanton by phone. Mr. Stroud passed around photos of recent flooding due to water runoff from the Association's common lot across the street from his property.

Christmas decorations have been donated and will be put up at the gate.

Mr. Sweeney presented construction plans for lot 174 submitted by Kirk Plehn. Mr. Sweeney made a motion that the construction plans for lot 174 be approved, as they comply with setback requirements. Mr. Maxwell seconded the motion. Mr. Risen expressed flooding concerns if the grade is below street level. Mr. Churchill suggested notifying the homeowner of the possibility of flooding if he intends on building below street level. Mr. Sweeney stated the grade is 3' below street level, and he will inform Mr. Plehn about drainage issues. There being no further discussion, the motion carried.

Mr. Stroud reported that the new owner of lot 204 needs a dumpster at his property, but it may not fit behind the line. Mr. Currie confirmed that there is no way the dumpster will fit behind the white line. Mr. Risen suggested that it be placed parallel to the line rather than perpendicular. Mr. Chambers suggested that the owner of vacant lot 207 be contacted to seek permission to place the dumpster on his lot, and Mr. Currie can coordinate this effort with the two owners.


The meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m.

Submitted by Recording Secretary, Sue Thomson