Board of Directors
Regular Meeting
MAY 2, 2005

President Bill Risen called the regular meeting of the Lake Moovalya Keys Board of Directors to order at 6:05 p.m.

President: Bill Risen
Vice President: Chuck Baker
Board Members: Chris Chambers, Jack Sweeney, Joe Maxwell, Gary Svider, Joe Price, Squeak, Dave Johnson, Bob Stroud


Guests: Carl and Kaye Bozeman (lot 61); Larry St. George (lot 26); Stan Vescio, (lot 82 resident); Russ Derby (lot 85); Blane Coon (lot 54); Rob Kaufman, A Toe Truck
Legal Counsel: John C. Churchill
Bookkeeper/Recording Secretary: Sue Thomson
General Manager: John Currie

The Minutes from the April meeting having been previously reviewed, Mr. Price made a motion to approve the April Minutes as presented. The motion was seconded, and the motion carried.

The April financials having been previously reviewed, Mr. Price made a motion to approve the April Financials as presented. The motion was seconded, and the motion carried.

Mr. Kaufman from A Toe Truck stated that he is new to the area, and he has adequate equipment to serve the Association’s towing needs. He stated that release forms from property owners, or lessee, are required to do a tow, as someone has to be in charge. Mr. Risen stated that the Association is interested in only incidents on Association property (streets and common area). Mr. Kaufman stated his fees are a minimum $50 service call, plus $75 if he does a hook up and tow, and a $26-per-day storage fee. He stated he has liability coverage in the amount of one million dollars, and he has DPS certification. He lives in close proximity to the Keys. He also stated signage is needed so that people whose vehicles or trailers have been towed will know who to call to retrieve their property. Paperwork must be turned in 10 days after releases are signed. Mr. Risen stated that signs would be posted at the two entrances to the common parking area, and they would cite the applicable rule and the name and telephone number of the tow company. We will also notify the Sheriff’s Office whenever vehicles/trailers have been towed. Mr. Risen distributed to Board members a proposed Vehicle Storage Report form. Mr. St. George stated that a photo should be taken prior to towing a vehicle or trailer. Mr. Risen stated that not everyone is ID’ing their vehicles and trailers, so that may force us to tow, as our options are limited.

Mr. Churchill stated that the Association should not fill out the Vehicle Storage Report form; the tow company should complete it. The Association already has posted signage on parking regulations; the signs just need to be supplemented with additional language of where one can pick up a towed vehicle or trailer. He concurred that a photograph would be useful in preserving the violation.

Squeak reported that Dave Johnson’s vehicle was parked over the white line all weekend. Mr. Derby asked who’s in charge, and Mr. Risen stated that John Currie is now in charge, and he can be reached at 667-4484.

Mr. Currie reported that he continues to get requests to trim a few of the oleanders at Hopi and Navajo to improve visibility, while some people want them to remain at a taller height to hide vehicles in the common lot. Mr. Currie suggested that the first four or five from the corner be trimmed. Mr. Price stated that you can see all the way to the end of the trash area, and if you are going the speed limit you should be able to see. However, golf carts are low profile, and visibility is reduced when rounding that corner in a golf cart.

Mr. Currie reported that a homeowner, after being denied a fixed gate-open request for a wedding on April 16, posted his gate code on the controller at the entrance, and Mr. Currie’s neighbor suggested to him that the subject gate code be removed from the system. Mr. Sweeney stated that could be done easily enough, dismantling that number from the pager system to that person’s house.

Mr. St. George reported that there is still a problem with large parties, and he once again stated that homeowners throwing large parties should be paying for security.

Mr. Currie also reported that Mr. Farmer (lot 118) says they have less room to park within the white line than they did before the last time the line was painted. Mr. Baker, his next-door neighbor, stated that’s not true, the line is in the same place as it was before. Mr. Johnson stated that he thought the line in front of his house had moved since the last time it was painted.

Mr. Churchill suggested that Mr. Currie use the smallest vehicle to determine visibility requirements for the oleanders, further suggesting a maximum 2-1/2’ height.

Mr. Currie reported a renter on a Sea Doo, with a dog aboard, violating the no-wake rule, and Mr. Risen stated that the Sheriff’s Office should be called to report violations of boating laws. Mr. Chambers stated that the canals are not a federal waterway, and Mr. Sweeney reported that his son received a $200 ticket from the Sheriff’s Office for making a wake only 10’ inside the entrance.

Mr. Risen stated that the Sheriff’s Office will issue a citation if it knows the hull number and can locate the vessel.

Mr. St. George inquired about the weeds that were pulled but left standing on lot 25, and Mr. Currie reported that the homeowner did not like the two bids that he had obtained for her, so she hired her own landscape person. Ms. Thomson was asked to contact the homeowner to inform her that the job is not finished and the debris needs to be removed.

Regarding the poles and chains that need to be moved, Mr. Sweeney stated that he needs photos of all violations. Mr. Churchill stated that we need to make sure we remove only what’s on Association property.

Mr. Price made a motion to approve Mr. Currie’s request for the Association to pay his monthly Internet service fee of $24.95. The motion was seconded, and the motion carried.

Mr. Churchill reported that Mr. Johnson’s submitted statement of membership status from his parents, the property owners, is not sufficient to qualify him to serve on the Board of Directors. Mr. Johnson stated that the property is in a trust, so he will provide the Board with something better, and it will include authorization for him to be the representative voting member for the lot.

Ms. Thomson reported that the visitor passes are expected to be delivered any day, and they will be distributed to homeowners with the approved cover letter prior to the Memorial Day holiday.

A letter from Mr. Spangler (lot 34) dated 4/8/05 was read by Mr. Risen where Mr. Spangler states his displeasure at being billed a security deposit for his rental property, as well as being billed for a citation last summer that was not caused by anyone affiliated with his property. Ms. Thomson reminded the Board that the subject citation was voided soon after it was issued, so that issue is moot. Mr. Churchill stated that he would be happy to send Mr. Spangler a letter. Mr. St. George reported a medium-sized dog running around unleashed, whom he says is owned by Mr. Spangler.

Also on Moovalya Drive, Mr. Currie, who states that the owner swears no one is living in it, has been watching the RV that has been parked on lot 32, off and on. Mr. Currie has not been able to witness cords or plugs extending from the RV, nor locate anyone inside the RV when he checks on it. Mr. St. George reported the RV being moved next door, or two doors down, leaving grease spots on lot 31, and he reported seeing it with open windows in the daytime and closed windows at night. Mr. St. George also noted a Foster Racing vehicle on vacant lot 18, with slide outs extended, hooked up to the neighbor’s power on lot 19. Mr. Churchill reported that the consent of a lot owner is needed for someone else to park on his or her vacant lot; otherwise it’s a trespass. Regarding the son of the lot 32 owners who has his RV on that lot, Mr. Churchill stated that we need to confirm “living” in it at night.

Ms. Thomson read Kathy Leek’s request that she be allowed to split her $1,000 security deposit between her two rental properties. The Board stated that regulations require the full deposit for each rental property. Mr. Johnson reported a prior incident with one of Kathy Leek’s renters who did damage to his truck. Mr. Johnson has not been successful in getting Ms. Leek to return his calls regarding the incident. Mr. Risen suggested he contact the Sheriff’s Office. Mr. Johnson asked what types of damages the $1,000 security deposit covers, and Mr. Churchill stated that it covers damages to streets, ramps, common areas, dumpster doors, gates and uncollected fines for renter violations. It is not for damages to other homeowners’ property.

It was reported that the recent lot 38 parking violations should be redirected to the owners of lot 39.

Mr. Risen asked Mr. Currie to obtain quotes for installation of the address plates. Mr. Stroud suggested that we let the homeowner know in advance when installation is scheduled. There was discussion about logistics of notifying all the homeowners, and Ms. Thomson suggested that perhaps the address plates could be delivered to the homeowners with a letter stating that if they need assistance with installation to contact the General Manager.

Mr. Currie and Ms. Thomson gave a status report on weed removal.

A motion was made to approve all bills, including John Churchill’s invoices for March and April, and Campbell Hanen’s bill to repair a damaged dumpster door. The motion was seconded, and the motion carried.

With the dumpster camera project needing to be done, Mr. Sweeney stated that all he needs is power and cable, and he will install it at no charge, other than digging the necessary 200’ trench. Power needs to be run from the gate controller on the right side by the guard shack to the dumpsters. Mr. Currie was requested to get a quote for digging and refilling the trench prior to next month’s meeting.

Mr. Sweeney reported that concrete poured at the Fevurly project, lot 79, did not comply with the setback requirement; that the owner did not appear to hire a civil engineer, nor obtain a survey. Mr. Sweeney reminded the Board that plan approval was conditioned upon a civil engineer setting line and grade. Mr. Baker asked Mr. Currie to talk with Dale at Community Development regarding a possible violation, and to let the County deal with it.

Mr. Risen asked if the members of the Architectural Committee consisting of Jack Sweeney, Joe Price and Bob Stroud are agreeable to stay on. The members agreed.

Mr. Risen suggested that a “green card” be posted on each building site for projects where the Association has granted plan approval. Mr. Sweeney did not think that was a good idea, as the card can get buried by other things, and that the Association is not a government agency. Mr. Price reported that kids tend to remove cards of this nature.

Mr. Risen suggested a “Traffic Committee” to handle citation protests and storage issues. The remaining members of the former “Protest Committee” are Gary Svider, Squeak, Kaye Bozeman and Al McPherson. Mr. Risen suggested replacement committee members for Joanne Hugaert and Al McPherson.

Mr. Risen expressed concern about RV’s on asphalt, and the combination of excessive heat on the asphalt and the weight of an RV causing damage to streets and bridges, with the weight-limit signs being for private vehicles. Mr. Baker stated that the bridges are built for anything, but he doesn’t know about the streets. There was a discussion about asphalt thickness, with Mr. Sweeney stating that he believes asphalt thickness is 3” with 95% compaction.

Mr. Risen asked that Mr. Currie put up a NO FIREWORKS sign on the gate for the upcoming holidays and that he contact the Sheriff’s Office to help uphold the law. Mr. St. George reported that fireworks burned the interior of a boat at lot 12. Mr. Derby stated that Ken Tonkovich, lot 88, was cited for fireworks.

Mr. Risen again reported that any infractions of the law, including no-wake violations, noise, fireworks be reported to the Sheriff’s Office at 669-2281 and that an Emergency Phone Contact List is in the works for distribution.

Mr. Baker was happy to report that Steve Green, lot 112, resolved his flooding problem by boring through the ground to install a 4” pipe, which now goes from the street to his sea wall. Mr. Baker stated that we could use this method to resolve other flooding problems.

Mr. Baker outlined the history of street maintenance performed on Association streets. He suggested that we wait one year to do the next seal coat, and the Board accepted his recommendation.

Mr. Svider requested an update on the dilapidated condition on lot 10. Mr. Churchill stated that his letter has not yet gone out, but it will go out soon.

Squeak requested a status report on the Berge property access request. Mr. Churchill referred the matter to Executive Session.

The meeting adjourned to Executive Session at 7.37 p.m.

The meeting reconvened to regular session and adjourned at 8:02 p.m.

Submitted by Recording Secretary, Sue Thomson