Board of Directors
Regular Meeting
JULY 5, 2004

Vice-President Chris Chambers called the regular meeting of the Lake Moovalya Keys Board of Directors to order at 6:09 p.m.

Vice President: Chris Chambers
Board Members: Bill Risen, Bob Stroud, Russ Derby, Jack Sweeney, Joe Price, Gary Svider, Tonya McPherson, Joe Maxwell

President: Chuck Baker
Board Member: Trish Wikoff

Guests: Squeak (122); Gary Fahy (126)
Legal Counsel: John C. Churchill
Bookkeeper/Recording Secretary: Sue Thomson
General Manager: Joanne Hugaert

No discussion

Mr. Derby asked about the return of the $5,000 court bond the Association posted on the Vestermark action. Ms. Thomson stated that $10,000 was deposited with Mr. Churchill's office, on suggestion of Mr. Churchill, in case the bond was to be in excess of $5,000. Ms. Thomson stated that the $10,000 would be returned to the Association.

Mr. Risen made a motion to approve the June 7, 2004 Board Minutes. The motion was seconded. There was no discussion, and the motion carried.

Mr. Risen made a motion to approve the June 7, 2004 Executive Session Minutes. The motion was seconded. There was no discussion, and the motion carried.

Bookkeeper's Report - Mr. Risen raised a question regarding the split transaction on the check to Auto-Owners Association. Ms. Thomson stated the split is shown because the check was posted to two different accounts, one being property/liability insurance and one being the umbrella policy. Mr. Risen stated that the recent Buckskin Sanitary newsletter mentioned the Kenko settlement, but he wasn't sure who pays whom.

Mr. Price made a motion to approve the Bookkeeper's June report and all prepaid bills. The motion was seconded. There was no further discussion, and the motion carried.

Ms. Thomson brought up the matter of insurance on the bridges, stating that the underwriters for the insurance company have split the coverage on the four bridges to $5,000 each, $20,000 aggregate, rather than $20,000 max on any bridge(s). She inquired if the Board wanted to revisit the amount of coverage desired. After a short discussion, it was decided to leave the coverage as is.

Mr. Svider made a motion to authorize payment of the Bills to Be Approved in the Bookkeeper's Report. The motion was seconded. Mr. Stroud asked Ms. Hugaert to get someone to pick up trash on a regular basis, and she stated that she has seen no proposals until tonight, when Mr. Svider presented a proposal from Stan Vescio. She also stated that she understands there is someone from Havasu who is to submit a proposal. Mr. Stroud stated that he is aware of a verbal proposal from this person, but that it doesn't include the dumpster area, but it did include the lawn, fertilizing, maintaining sprinklers, weed control and rocks. Mr. Chambers stated that Angel Dearcos, who is licensed, is to submit a proposal. Mr. Risen stated that we need a gardener/maintenance person, including trash pick up and dumpster area maintenance, someone to do general maintenance, paint, etc. Squeak stated that there is still a lot of trash in the bushes that isn't being picked up. Ms. Hugaert stated that she attended to these matters this month, because it needed to be done and that she billed $15 per hour for her services. Mr. Svider stated that a job description should be prepared for the desired position. Squeak stated that there are bottles, glass and junk that should to be picked up, requiring lots of work; that we need someone 20-30 hours per week.

Mr. Chamber stated that he talked to Don Braun, (former groundskeeper) after the last board meeting. Mr. Chambers stated that we're not going to get anybody to work for just a couple of hours. Ms. Hugaert stated that she spent three hours picking up only because it needed to be done. Mr. Price stated that we need a gardener. Mr. Derby stated that we need more than a just a gardener. Squeak stated that we need a gardener and a security person. Mr. Price stated that the Association should make a decision now and not put if off a month.

Mr. Stroud stated that Ms. Hugaert isn't on site enough during the day; that she has another job, and he stated that we need someone 30 hours per week. Mr. Sweeney stated that our dues are the cheapest around, so they go only so far. Mr. Svider stated that we should develop a scope of work so people can bid on the job. Mr. Stroud stated that we had wheedled Don Braun down to nothing, as far as his job duties. Squeak asked how many hours a week is required to maintain the premises; that there are lots of fix-its to be done. Mr. Risen suggested that he and Squeak make a duty list.

Squeak asked Ms. Hugaert what her proposal consisted of, which proposal had not yet been distributed to board members. She stated that it was for $1,200 per month, or approximately $15 per hour, based on her best estimate of the duties outlined in the 1993 Maintenance Job Description provided to her by Ms. Thomson. Mr. Fahy gave a character reference for Ms. Hugaert, as a former employee of his, stating that if you give her a list of duties, she'll do it. Ms. McPherson asked Ms. Hugaert about her other job, and Ms. Hugaert replied that her other job at Hanen's place is flexible. Mr. Fahy stated that he thinks the Association needs to fill the position as a 40-hour-per-week job. Mr. Stroud stated that the Board should discuss the matter further.

Mr. Derby made a motion to hire one person to do it all, and to work 40 hours per week. Mr. Risen questioned the legal obligations of hiring a 40-hour-per-week person, whether or not they could be an independent contractor. Mr. Sweeney stated they have to pass the Federal test, if you set their hours. Mr. Churchill stated this isn't necessarily the case. Mr. Chambers asked about worker's compensation, and that Larry and Sandy Brown were employees (on the payroll). The motion was not seconded, and it did not carry.

It was decided a committee consisting of Squeak, Bill Risen, Jack Sweeney and Gary Svider would meet this week to formulate a job description and report back at a special meeting to be held next Monday.

Mr. Sweeney made a new motion to authorize payment of the Bills for Approval as presented in the Bookkeeper's Report, in addition to Mr. McPherson's bill for the second camera he recently purchased for $230, which bill was presented at this meeting. Mr. Price seconded the motion. There being no further discussion, the motion carried.

General Manager's Report - A request to install a drop box in the vicinity of the mailboxes was tabled for further discussion. There have been homeowner requests to move the monthly meetings to weekends instead of Mondays; no action was taken. Ms. Hugaert continues to follow up with APS regarding replacing the burnt-out light outside the gate; that there are other burnt-out lights that she will address with APS as well. Ms. Hugaert stated that the poles by the boat ramp were knocked over, and she is looking into a solution to the problem. She also stated that Don Richardson inquired about the lawn and maintenance job and that he wants to submit a proposal. She is going to replace the missing no-fishing-or-swimming sign that is missing from one of the bridges. She submitted photos of overgrown weeds on lot 29. She reported on the trespass incident at the Peters home, stating that she has since found out that the trespasser was the homeowners' granddaughter, not a stranger.

Ms. Hugaert asked if parking is permissible in the lot across from Mr. Sweeney's house, and she stated that the chains were removed on lot 25, and that people from lot 24 were parking in lot 25, which resulted in her issuing eight violations for multiple vehicles for multiple days. Pulling down chains to park on vacant lots was not addressed in the Rules & Fines document, and Mr. Price suggested that the citations go out. Mr. Stroud stated that we should have attempted to contact the violators, and Ms. Hugaert stated that Larry St. George (lot 26) knows of the incidents.

Ms. Hugaert discussed the problem of minors driving golf carts in the premises while intoxicated and is this is to be considered reckless driving. Squeak stated that we should enforce this issue, and let the parents appear if they don't agree with the citations. Ms. Hugaert stated that she has two witnesses for each citation. Mr. Risen stated that the Sheriff's Office should be called out on juvenile matters. Mr. Stroud agreed that we should cite these offenders.

Mr. Derby reported that construction deposits should be returned to Spielman (lot 6), Spencer (lot 47) and Warmoth (lot 128). Ms. Thomson will issue and send the checks.

Mr. McPherson reported lack of upkeep on lot 69, and he will get photos to Ms. Hugaert. He also reported perpendicular parking on lot 73.

Mr. Price reported parking violations on Moovalya Drive, Vista del Monumento Acres properties. Mr. Sweeney asked how we address the specific issue of VDMA owners. Mr. Price stated that vehicles could only be parked in the same place for a maximum of 72 hours. Mr. Price suggested Ms. Thomson send a letter to all VDMA homeowners regarding this matter; with Mr. Derby suggesting that a letter be sent only to the violator (Don).

Mr. Price also reported there are several driveways that are chained too close to the street, that there are six such properties on Papago and some on Yaqui. He stated that the chains must be placed within the homeowner's property boundary, which is approximately where the water meter is located. Ms. Hugaert is to investigate the subject lots and contact those homeowners who are in violation. Mr. Price offered to point out the perpetrators to Ms. Hugaert.

Mr. Svider inquired of the status of the boulder relocation project, and Mr. Chambers stated that we are waiting on the rock movers.

Mr. Sweeney asked where the Board wants to install the two no-wake signs he has. Mr. Chambers stated that he should pick two bridges that need them the most.

Ms. Hugaert asked about the status of the address-lettering project. Mr. Svider stated that he is expecting a faxed bid from Sign-O-Rama in Los Angeles; that it was to be faxed last Friday.

Mr. Chambers discussed how to block off the lot across from Mr. Sweeney's house. Mr. Sweeney stated that stakes could be driven to keep the telephone poles from being removed again.

There was discussion about the openings on lot 251, which lot straddles the exit gate, and the need to immediately block access through that lot. Mr. Chambers stated that he would talk to Dino Gory, who is handling the escrow on the sale of that lot. Ms. Thomson will follow up on the status of the escrow.

Mr. Svider made a motion for the Association to purchase 10 no-wake signs at a cost of $65 each. The motion was not seconded. Ms. Thomson stated that she would put a Special Notice on the website announcing to homeowners that these signs are available for purchase by interested homeowners.

Mr. Stroud asked who has the keys for the bulletin board unit, as the lettering hasn't been changed in months. Ms. Hugaert stated that those keys are not on the key ring she was given, and she said she would check to see if they are in the guardhouse where the letters are located.

The meeting adjourned to Executive Session at 7:25 p.m.

The meeting reconvened to regular session and adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Submitted by Recording Secretary, Sue Thomson