Board of Directors
Regular Meeting
APRIL 7, 2003

President Chuck Baker called the regular meeting of the Lake Moovalya Keys Board of Directors to order April 7, 2003 at 6:00 p.m.

President: Chuck Baker
Vice President: Chris Chambers
Secretary Treasurer: Tonya McPherson
Board members: Russ Derby, Neil Kleine, Joe Price, Gary Svider

Board Members: Sandra Warmoth, Bob Stroud

Homeowners: Al McPherson, Trish Wikoff, Howard Wikoff, Mr. & Mrs. Green (lot 112)
Legal Counsel: John Churchill
Business Manager: Debora Schlosser
Recording Secretary: Becky Braska

Tonya McPherson motioned to approve the minutes of March 3, 2003 with the following corrections:
Ø OTHERS PRESENT, add Al McPherson as present.
Ø CALL TO PUBLIC, page 2, para. 1: Chris Wikoff should be Trish Wikoff.
Ø Page 4, para. 12, last sentence corrected to read:
The board will address this issue when the time comes.
Ø Page 5, para. 2, corrected to read:
Mr. DiNolfi stated, "Once the parking lines are painted and signs are posted it will make a big difference in the level of enforcement."
Ø Page 6, para. 4, first sentence corrected to read:
Mr. Price stated the existing drain lines are blocked and need to be cleaned out.

Neil Kleine seconded the motion. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.

Mr. & Mrs. Green addressed the board regarding a "low spot" in front of their home. When it rains this "low spot" causes water to back up in to the garage. Mr. Green stated he has forwarded three letters to the board requesting this matter be looked in to, but has not received a response. Mr. Green stated he attended the meeting to offer the board a solution. Mr. Green explained, Mr. Kaufman has two drains and is willing to allow access to those drains to divert the water. Mr. Green stated he is also willing to allow an easement on his property for a drain to be install. Mr. Baker stated that he is well aware of the problem.

Mr. Baker explained, that the board included a stipulation in the paving contract that the contractor would not correct existing drainage problems, but would not create new problems. The paving did create new drainage problems and the board is working with the contractor to resolve the situation. Mr. Green thanked Mr. Baker for his comments and stated that he was "glad that the board is working to resolve this problem."

Trish Wikoff expressed interest in serving as a board member. The board directed Ms. Schlosser to add Ms. Wikoff's name to the voting ballot to be handed out at the Annual Meeting on April 19, 2003.

Russ Derby motioned to approve the Financial Statements presented for December 2002, January 2003, February 2003, and the Cash Flow Statement for March 2003 as submitted. Joe Price seconded. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.


Davis Building Supply 120.91
Don Astral 25.00
Advance Gate (Clickers) 538.75
Richard Dinalfi (Flyers) 22.57
David Alan David 150.00
Don Braun 646.62

Prepaid Bills for Approval
Verizon 667-4484 $37.25
Verizon 667-2840 57.04
River Cities 1710.00
Becky Braska (March 03 Meeting) 80.00
APS 1043.94
APS 20.40
Brooke Water 71.78
Complete Tax Service 475.00
Parker Tree Service 690.00
Arizona Corporation Commission 10.00
National Bank Loan 3110.28
Postage (Debi) 77.60
John Shaksted 191.40
R&D Maintenance (Rich) 853.60
Quick Books (Debi) 202.10
Colorado River Information 395.00

Payroll - Business Manager
Debora Schlosser 675.78
IRS Taxes 941 33.81

Mrs. McPherson asked about the tree stump that was left by Parker Tree Service. Mr. Derby stated it was his understanding that the stump was left due to the location of utilities in relation to the stump.

Mr. McPherson questioned why the board is considering prepayment of the website when it is not 100% complete. Mr. Baker stated he feels the website is 95% complete and anticipates the site will be 100% complete within the week.

Joe Price motioned to authorize payment to Colorado River Info, holding the payment until the website is 100% complete. Russ Derby seconded. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.

Chris Chambers motioned to approve the bills as presented. Russ Derby seconded. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.

Mr. McPherson asked how board members will access emails feedback. Mr. Baker stated that Debbie will forward emails to board members as the emails are received.

Ms. Schlosser reported that an audit of member accounts, construction deposits, and gate keys/clickers uncovered discrepancies with six lots. One of the accounts revealed a discrepancy of approximately $3,000.

Mr. Baker said he would like to ask Sandy Brown if she can account for or explain the discrepancies. Mr. Baker wanted to clarify that he was not accusing anyone of anything, but these discrepancies need to be addressed. Trish Wikoff noted that she is one of the individuals with a discrepancy. Ms. Wikoff and Ms. Schlosser will meet to review and attempt to settle the discrepancy.

Lot 54 has the largest discrepancy. Mrs. Brown's records indicate a cash payment, but accounting records do not reflect the cash payment was ever deposited.

Lot numbers 10, 50, and 54 records do not match accounting records. Seventeen gate clickers are not accounted for, approximately $600. The board requested Mr. Churchill's legal opinion. Mr. Churchill stated he felt he should address the issue and follow-up with a letter of his findings.

Mr. Derby stated he felt it would be better to address the issue on a personal basis rather than involving an attorney from the beginning. Mr. Baker agreed and stated he would speak with Mrs. Brown first.

The board reviewed Mr. Dinalfi's progress report. Mr. Dinalfi misunderstood the board intentions regarding the parking stripes. Mr. Dinalfi was under the impression that the striping was to indicate a "fire lane". The board clarified that the striping is to mark parking lanes only.

A discussion was held regarding installation of a drain. Mr. Price stated that if the association pays for one drain, the association should compensate all of the individuals who have installed their own drains. Mr. Baker said that the board would need to consider the number of homes affected and what caused the drainage problem in order to determine who should be liable for the cost of the installation.

Ms. Schlosser stated that having a the associations phone line ran to Mr. Dinalfi's home has been a problem. To run the existing number to Mr. Dinalfi's home would cost approximately $200 per month. The phone company would charge by the foot from the guardhouse to Mr. Dinalfi's home.

The board discussed other options.

Joe Price motioned to install the association line at Mr. Dinalfi's home 667-4484, and to run the gate phone to the gate shack eliminating the charge by foot from the phone company. Neil Kleine seconded. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.

On March 27, 2003, Mr. Baker, Mr. Derby, Mr. Chambers, Mr. Stroud and Mr. Kleine (telephonically) met to discuss and approve a 10-year paving plan.
Ø Year One - Slurry seal.
Ø Year Two - Seal Coat
Ø Year Five to Six - Six - Second Seal Coat
Ø Year Nine to Ten - Third Seal Coat

This plan would help prolong the life of the roads. The slurry seal cost was $42,000; each seal coat application will cost approximately $20,000. The cost to preserve and maintain the roads over a ten-year period is considerably less than the association has spent on repairing the roads in the past.

Mr. McPherson noted that the slurry seal is soft and heavy vehicles are leaving indentations in the streets. Mr. Baker explained that the slurry seal will smooth out over time. Mr. Baker stated in the event that the slurry seal does not smooth out, the company will correct the problem.

Mr. Baker reported that he spoke with Mr. Edey regarding striping. Mr. Edey advised Mr. Baker to contact Mike Tomlinson, the County Public Works Director. Mr. Tomlinson told Mr. Baker to mark the center of the road and to mark or otherwise indicate where the striping is to be done. Mr. Baker stated the only costs the association will incur will possibly be the cost of the materials.



The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Rebecca A. Braska - Approved As Submitted May 12, 2003.

Submitted by Recording Secretary - Rebecca A. Braska

Approved by