Board of Directors
Regular Meeting
FEBRUARY 3, 2003

President Chuck Baker called the regular meeting of the Lake Moovalya Keys Board of Directors to order February 3, 2003, at 6:10 p.m.

President: Chuck Baker
Board Members: Gary Svieder, Bob Stroud, Russ Derby, Neil Kleine, Joe Price

Vice President: Chris Chambers
Secretary/Treasurer: Sandy Brown
Board Members: Joe Hanen, Sandra Warmoth, Tonya McPherson

Homeowners: Scott and Melinda Coykendall, Jack Sweeney
Legal Counsel: John Churchill
Business Manager: Deborah Schlosser
Recording Secretary: Becky Braska

Mr. Baker introduced the Associations new Business Manager Deborah Schlosser and had each board member give a brief introduction of their selves.

Mr. & Mrs.Coykendall, lot 198, presented the board with plans for a seawall and dock for consideration. After reviewing the request, the board requested the Coykendall's provide additional information before a decision could be reached.

Russ Derby motioned to approve the minutes of January 6, 2003 and the Executive Session minutes of January 6, 2003 with the following corrections noted: Regular Minutes: ABSENT (pg 1) delete "Joe Price" from "ABSENT" and record "Joe Price" as "PRESENT" at the January 6, 2003 meeting. PRESENT (pg 1) delete "Bob Stroud" from "PRESENT" and record "Bob Stroud" as "ABSENT" at the January 6, 2003 meeting. OLD BUSINESS (pg 3, Para. 7, last sentence) "… will be completed prior…" should read, "… will be completed after". Executive Session Minutes: PURPOSE (pg 1, Para 2, first sentence) "…December meeting was transpired." Should read "…December meeting what transpired." Joe Price seconded. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.

Not available.

Ms. Schlosser was informed that it would be her responsibility from this point forward, to prepare a list of all transactions and copies of each bill listed for the board to review and approve each month.

Mr. Baker further requested that Ms. Schlosser prepare an aging report for the board to review each month.

Not available. Mr. Baker did note that Complete Tax Service is considering increasing their rate. Liz stated that the increase would be $75.00 a quarter; this would cover the cost involved with mailing the quarterly billing statements.

Joe Price motioned to table this item until the next regular meeting. Russ Derby seconded. No further discussion. The motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Braun reported that the siding information requested by the board is $3.40 more a sheet. Mr. Braun asked if the board was still considering metal on the gates. The board explained that several proposals are being considered prior to making a decision.

Mr. Braun reported that the "out" gate was hit from the outside Saturday night. The board discussed problems with the gate. Several pieces of the "old" gate were used on the new gate. Therefore, problems encountered due to the old parts are not covered under the warranty. Mr. Braun stated that Eric from the gate company informed him that he was instructed not to replace the parts by the Browns. Mr. Sweeney stated that there are going to be problems and adjustments necessary with this type of gate.

The board discussed relocating the antenna and/or installing a longer antenna. Mr. Braun stated, the board has not communicated their needs to him. Mr. Braun advised that purchasing a new antenna was not necessary; he can lengthen the existing antenna, if that is what the board wants.

Mr. Braun stated that the access code should be disabled now that construction is complete. The board does not want the access code disabled at this time. Law enforcement and emergency personnel have to have access to the subdivision. Discussion regarding providing law enforcement and other emergency personnel with a "Knox Lock" to gain access to the subdivision.

Mr. Braun reported that he has had reports of kids banging on the gate phone. Mr. Braun feels this may be part of the problem with the gate phone.

Joe Price questioned what happened to the sign at the gate that listed the streets. Mr. Braun was unsure but will check in the guard shack for the sign. Mr. Braun stated several signs need to be repaired or replaced.


Ms. Schlosser requested authorization to purchase gate clickers. The advised the board that the current supply is very low. Ms. Schlosser asked if homeowners are charged for replacement clickers. The board replied," homeowners are to be charged for new as well as replacement clickers.

Joe Price motioned to authorize the purchase fifty (50) gate clickers. Neil Kleine seconded. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.

Ms. Schlosser was directed by the board to obtain quotes for liability coverage from various insurance companies. The current liability becomes renewable in June 2003.

The board received an optional coverage that could be added to the existing liability policy. The insurance agency proposed that the board consider adding a "terrorism" policy. The cost of the additional policy is $129.00 for a six (6) month period. The board briefly discussed the additional coverage, and agreed to decline the offer at this time.

The board discussed possible dates for the annual meeting. Mr. Baker stated that in previous years the annual meeting was typically held on the Saturday, of Easter weekend. Mr. Baker informed the board that if the annual meeting were to be held Easter weekend, the date would be April 19th. Mr. Kleine stated he would not be available that weekend, and he knew of at least a half dozen other families who would be out of town. Mr. Baker asked board members to consider possible dates to hold the annual meeting. The board will discuss at the next regular meeting.

Mr. Baker stated he received a letter from Brooke Water. The letter requested that the Association sign a "Restricting Access Statement".

Mr. Kleine motioned to have Mr. Churchill review and respond to Brooke Water Utilities request. Russ Derby seconded. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Derby asked when the remaining fire hydrants are to be installed. Mr. Baker was uncertain of the status of the hydrants, but will discuss with Chris Chambers.

Discussion regarding monument markers. It was noted that survey records might be helpful; it was also noted that Jim Roach from Lake Havasu City might be a valuable resource.

Mr. Parsell traveled to Parker to evaluate the condition of the bridges. He was not certain how long the underside of the bridges will hold up. Mr. Kleine stated that the wood is breaking off and the mud is eroding. Mr. Price stated that the bridges have no lateral support and if the dirt goes the bridges will go.

Mr. Baker asked Mr. Churchill if he had completed the letter to the Sanitary District regarding the roads. Mr. Churchill stated he did not receive the necessary information from Sandy Brown to complete the letter. He is waiting for the punch list in order to address specific items.

Ms. Schlosser was directed to provide the County Planning and Zoning Department with a copy of the Association's CC&R's.

Mr. Baker reported that three (3) applicants submitted resumes for the position of General Manager. Mr. Baker felt additional advertising might be warranted and asked board members if the job advertisement should be extended. The board agreed to re-advertise; Ms. Schlosser was directed to run an ad for the position of General Manager in local papers.

The board discussed the trash area. Mr. Chambers was to obtain bids for the slump stone, but he was not present. Board members discussed possible areas to stucco.

Joe Price motioned to fix the existing slump stone, fill where necessary, and install the gates. Russ Derby seconded. Discussion: Mr. Kleine stated that the back area should be slump stone or have concrete blocks put in to prevent the trash bins from hitting the wall. Ms. Schlosser was directed to contact Steve Stanton to request a quote to repair the slump stone. If the cost is $500 or under, the board authorized Ms. Schlosser to initiate the work. If the quote exceeds $500, Ms. Schlosser is to provide a copy of the quote to each board member to for review. If Mr. Stanton is too busy to do the job, Ms. Schlosser was directed to contact Mr. Chambers and/or Mr. Derby for quotes. The back portion of the trash bin area will be left as is for now. Motion carried unanimously.
Ms. Schlosser was directed to notify Mr. Woodside that he failed to comply with the start date of January 15, 2003 to paint the bridge rails. Mr. Woodside will be given 30 days to complete the job. If he fails to comply with the 30-day extension, Don Braun will be directed by the board to paint the rails.

Mr. Stroud said he has had contact with the paving company regarding the drainage problems. He also spoke with the Buckskin Sanitary District (BSD) regarding the problem. BSD stated that Kenko was supposed to bring in a water truck to identify the problem areas. Mr. Stroud had Jim Roach survey the area. There is a high point now that previously was not there. Mr. Stroud indicated the next step is to return to BSD with the information provided by the surveyor.

T & C Seal Coat has not submitted a quote to seal coat the streets as of this meeting.

The board discussed the "punch list" that Mrs. Brown was to provide Mr. Churchill with. Mr. Baker directed Ms. Schlosser to see if she can locate the list in the Association files. Mr. Baker stated that Mr. Stroud would probably be helpful in putting the information together for Mr. Churchill. Mr. Churchill stated that he would check with Bill Lemme as to what Markers are missing.

Mr. Price stated that Mark Warmoth spoke with him regarding a request that Mr. Warmoth had given to Mrs. Brown with respect to moving a streetlight. Mr. Price commented that Mr. Warmoth indicated that the board approved the request and that Chris Chambers had signed off on the request. The board did not recall a request or an approval to relocate an existing light by Mr. Warmoth.

The board directed Ms. Schlosser to contact Doug McDonald at APS to inform him that the board has not approved removal or relocation of any street lights at this time.

Mr. Kleine asked if it would be helpful to invite Brian or Mark to the next meeting to explain or discuss Mr. Warmoth's request. Mr. Baker felt it might be helpful to have Mark or Brian attend the meeting to explain the request, or at least put an explanation in writing The board further discussed this item, it was noted that the light in question is currently out of service due to the fact that the line to the light was cut during construction of the home.

The Board discussed problems that remain from the sewer construction. Bob Stroud recommended going through the minutes to determine what areas were identified throughout the construction period.

Scott and Melinda Coykendall returned to the meeting with additional information as requested by the board.

Mr. Coykendall explained to the board that the existing dock has a nine (9) foot setback from the bridge opening. The bridge opening is fourteen (14) feet wide; the wing wall return is thirteen (13) feet. The board discussed Mr. Coykendall's request and felt that an onsite inspection was necessary before approving or disapproving the request. Mr. Churchill advised that the board's main concern in regards to Mr. Coykendall's request is navigational interference. Mr. Baker stated that thirty-nine (39) foot minimum must be adhered to, unless the onsite inspection reveals that an allowance of less than thirty-nine (39) feet would not jeopardize navigational safety. Neil Kleine, Russ Derby, Joe Price, and Jack Sweeny will coordinate with each other to perform an onsite evaluation. Mr. Coykendall stated that he would make himself available to discuss the proposal with board members at anytime. The board will reconsider Mr. Coykendall's request at the next regular meeting.

Mr. Churchill noted that due to the fact that Mr. And Mrs. Coykendall's lot borders three different streets, a determination must be made as to which is the street side of the property. This will be necessary to determine appropriate front, back and side setbacks. Mr. Coykendall stated that he is not requesting approval of house plans at this time, only the dock. Mr. Churchill responded that a determination would ultimately be necessary.

Ms. Schlosser reported that she received a bid of $755.00 for a computer from Desert Works. The computer includes: a Monitor, a Pentium 4 processor, Windows XP, and Microsoft Office 2000. An accounting software package would be in addition to the quote above.

Russ Derby motioned to purchase a computer (above) from Desert Works, not to exceed $755.00, Neil Kleine seconded. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Price stated that he obtained a quote to have the streets swept by a private company on a regular basis. The quote was approximately $150. Mr. Price stated he did not feel the County performs this service often enough, and felt for many reasons that it is important to have the streets swept on a regular basis. Mr. Baker stated that once the streets are paved acceptably and striped a maintenance schedule would be established.

The board reviewed plans presented for lot 216. Mr. Stroud said that the house portion of the plans looked in order, but he did have concerns about the dock. Mr. Stroud stated that it appeared the dock would not match existing docks. After some discussion, it was noted that the dock would not exceed existing docks. Therefore, the dock was not a concern. The boards primary concern with docks is that the dock not extends beyond existing docks on either side.

Joe Price motioned to approve the plans as presented for lot 216. The property owner will be responsible for providing three (3) copies of the blue prints to the board and a $750.00 construction deposit, prior to commencing construction. Russ Derby seconded. Discussion: The board discussed the dock in further detail. It was noted that the dock request would also require approval from the Army Corp of Engineers, which has not be obtained as of this date. No further discussion. The motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Svieder asked if the street striping will need a permit or waiver. Mr. Svieder stated that the proposed striping does not comply with the twenty (20) foot requirement of a fire lane. Mr. Baker explained that the striping is not going to be called a "Fire Lane". Therefore the twenty (20) foot requirement is not necessary. The purpose of the striping is to identify parking areas. Mr. Baker did state that it would not hurt to discuss with the fire department personnel the possibility of obtaining a written waiver or acknowledgment, whether it is necessary or not.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

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